Professional equipment for automotive intervention, decalamination engine, automatic gearbox drain G7G8, cleaning particulate filter, anti-car-jacking,

Did you think your vehicle was in good shape?

Cleaner Engine

Cleaner Engine, Performs engine descaling in static or rolling condition.
The use of Hydrogen & Oxygène is no more dangerous than the use of gasoline.

The Strengths of our engine descaling technologies:

  • Efficiency without dismantling parts!
  • No heavy and dangerous maintenance such as hho machines.
  • No electrical connection.
  • Treatment by the air filter without disassembly.

No dangerous HHO machine to use:
  • No heavy and dangerous maintenance like hho machines.
  • No electrical connection.
  • Treatment by the air filter without dismantling.
  • A disposable type cartridge performs approximately several 50-minute interventions in workshop mode or in rolling mode.

ECU Moteur
Essence ou diesel

Quel que soit le type de moteur,

essence ou diesel: 

une intervention est réalisable via la prise OBD, toutes les marques et modèles en sont équipés, Mercedes-Benz, Renault, Peugeot, Citroën, Audi, BMW, WV, Jaguar, Seat, Porsche, Maserati, etc ...

Forfait standard multi-marque et modèle: intervention en 2h.

La cartographie moteur : de quoi s’agit-il ?

+ de 25 à 45CV. On entend souvent parler de la cartographie moteur dans le cadre d’une optimisation des performances d’un véhicule. Les spécialistes de la gestion électronique TurboFullPower vous apportent toutes les réponses en ce qui concerne la cartographie moteur et la reprogrammation moteur.


Augmenter la pression de turbo avec un régulateur de pression GX65

Nous sommes spécialisés dans le réglage de la pression de turbo sur tous véhicules dans la limite maximum supportable du moteur suivant la réglementation constructeur.
Aucune transformation du montage et réglage d’origine, seul un accessoire est intégré en série sur la durite de pression du Wastegate Turbo.


Economiseur Multi-Carburants

TurboFullPower Eco3000 is simple to install on a diesel, gasoline, ethanol engine or on an oil-fired boiler. Eco3000 reduces your consumption by 7% to 15% while reducing your CO2 and pollution emissions. Eco3000 is a magnetic element to be installed in a few minutes on the supply hose, on vehicles or diesel boilers.

Eco3000 is made with samarium-cobalt magnet grade which is a type of permanent magnets made from an alloy of samarium and cobalt. Samarium-cobalt alloys are among the major classes of materials for permanent magnets


Reprogramming the Mapping of an Ethanol Gasoline Engine.

  • Reprogramming the engine with ethanol consists of modifying certain lines of code in the computer so that it can support 100% ethanol. Indeed, all vehicles have a computer. This electronic component has several lines of code that can be changed. All you have to do is modify the parameters to give new orders to the lines of code of the computer.
  • For ethanol engine reprogramming, the automobile must first be diagnosed. This ensures that there are no faults that could interfere with reprogramming.
  • Then, you must use the vehicle's OBD socket to read the ECU.
  • After the diagnosis and the reading of the lines of code, it is simply necessary to modify the map of the car. To do this, it is recommended to change the ignition curves, the injection and carburetion values as well as the distribution. In the same way, it is necessary to modify the fuel/air mixture.
  • By changing the map, the operation of your vehicle's engine will also be optimized.
  • Indeed, the realization of the reprogramming of the engine with ethanol requires a little patience. The operation can take one to two hours. Many tests will be carried out to ensure the proper functioning of the engine. The performance of the car must be higher with this new fuel.
  • Once the mapping has been validated, it is recommended to do new tests. This helps to rule out any bugs as much as possible. When the tests are positive, all you have to do is ride at a lower cost!...
Intervention at home or on our site by appointment, London, Paris,

Reprogramming the Mapping of an Ethanol Gasoline Engine.

Avoid the Inconvenience of Vehicle Theft
Without ever finding it!...

The Start-And-Stop alarm to avoid the worst-case scenario:
You are not reimbursed. Indeed, some contracts do not cover car-jacking, home-jacking or foam-jacking and the absence of any trace of break-in means refusal of compensation. In the best case, you will still have to bear the cost of the deductible and the financial loss, with the risk of seeing your insurer terminate your contract following the theft (risk all the greater if you have recently declared a previous sinister).

 Start-and-Stop is the only automotive safety technology that installs in minutes. The Hi-Tech nature of the activity makes it possible to preserve the confidentiality necessary for total efficiency, and super simple assembly. All stolen vehicles are found, all you have to do is locate them with the app/sms.

We developed this article named following the theft of the car of one of our collaborators who received compensation from his insurance in the 5th month from the date of the theft with a surprise big discount far from the argus! yes 19 weeks without a vehicle! Star-And-Stop stops the vehicle with one click on your smartphone and determine its position via Google Maps.

Start-and-Stop allows you to intervene on the vehicle remotely with your smartphone after it has been stolen with just one click!... to stop it and locate it via google Maps


Procédé Technologique Cryo-Cleaner, Avec Un Nettoyeur Haute Pression À Froid

La Cryo-Cleaning est un procédé technologique projetant de la glace sèche non abrasive (Co2 recyclé) à l’aide d’air comprimé.
Ces caractéristiques retirent les polluants sur de multiples surfaces, sans créer de déchets secondaires et jusqu’à 4 fois plus rapidement qu’un nettoyage classique. Une intervention de nettoyage a la glace carbonique de multi support.


Standard Equipment:

Traitement décalaminage moteur en 20mn, 
cartouche jetable de 110Bars/1kg.

A complementary service to your activity as an automotive operator, engine descaling is currently essential, before any dismantling, it is preferable to carry out an Engine-Cleaning treatment which brings you 100% results for the proper functioning of the Diesel or Gasoline engine. .

Sigle homologation hydrogène

Sigle Norme Hydrogène

Eco Multi-Carburants

TurboFullPower Eco3000 is simple to install on a diesel, gasoline, ethanol engine or on an oil-fired boiler.


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